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About Georgia Aquarium

With your Georgia Aquarium tickets, enter inside one of the major attractions of Atlantia which is also one of the world's largest aquariums. This wonderfully enriched place houses around 10,000 aquatic animals with temporary and permanent exhibits. You can interact and observe these adorable marine creatures and gain more knowledge about their natural habitat and environment. Enter the venue with Georgia Aquarium tickets and explore the seven diverse themed divided zones. Watch different aquatic animals like African penguins, beluga whales, whale sharks, beluga whales, common bottlenose dolphins, etc securely from a protected tunnel inside the aquarium. You will also learn about their species, habitats, features, lifespans, and more from multiple instructors over there.

With your Georgia Aquarium tickets you will be able to enter the exclusive 4D experience, Sea Lion Presentations and the Dolphin presentations as well. On the other hand, you can explore the most extensive reef exhibits worldwide along with mesmerising jellyfish from the topical diver. One of the best features of buying Georgia Aquarium tickets is the opportunity to sleepover in which you can spend a night under the blue sky which is filled with cute and adorable marine animals rather than stars. You can get Georgia Aquarium discount tickets by booking it online in advance through us and enjoy cost savings which will make your entire experience more memorable and affordable.

Why Should You Book Georgia Aquarium Tickets?

Georgia Aquarium is a tourist place which can be visited and enjoyed by people of all ages as it has many modern, exciting, and crowd engaging activities. The place also provides insights and detailed knowledge about the rich biodiversity of aquatic life. Since this is a popular attraction, the Georgia Aquarium tickets often get sold out at the counter; booking online will keep you away from such disappointment and give you the chance to book your slot on your preferred date. Apart from this, the Georgia aquarium ticket price is many fold times cheaper which makes your entire trip affordable.

  • Book Your Tickets in AdvanceVisitors are strongly advised to book their Georgia Aquarium tickets online in advance as this is a popular tourist attraction and therefore there will be long queues awaiting them. Book them online in advance with just a few clicks and rest assured of a confirmed slot on your chosen date.

  • Enjoy best offers and discounts The best part of bookin Georgia aquarium ticket discounts online is the deals and offers one can get and enjoy cost savings. You will be able to explore this breathtaking attraction at affordable Georgia aquarium ticket prices with our special coupons and vouchers.

Georgia Aquarium Tickets Options

Georgia Aquarium Admission Tickets

This ticket gives direct entry to the visitors for expediting an interactive 4D theatre and 7 different zones in the gigantic aquarium and witnessing the marine creatures. Under one Georgia Aquarium tickets price, visitors can enjoy diving in the tanks, dolphin presentations and watch behind-the-scenes tours with these tickets.

Shark Cage Dive

With the Georgia aquarium ticket price, you get to venture into the deep and indulge in animal interaction with one of the most fearsome predators, the sharks! With the capacity of 8 people only, a cage is sent inside where guests get to see the sharks up and close which is a one of its kind experience.

Dolphin Presentation

Be ready to enjoy the exciting energy, sit in the Splash Zone where you might get drenched in water and learn about bottlenose dolphins with your Georgia Aquarium tickets. Dolphin in Depth is a specially designed 15-minute presentation which showcases the smartness, athleticism and alertness of these amazing creatures.

Behind the Seas Tour

Behind the Seas tour offers an opportunity to explore the secret world in Georgia Aquarium and know more about the animal inhabitants. One can take a closer view of all the popular exhibits with the 'Behind the Seas Tour’ which allows visitors to take a backstage look at these colourful creatures.

Galleries to Explore in Georgia aquarium

There are six different fascinating galleries that you can explore at Georgia Aquarium which offers one an opportunity to discover various habitats, voyage oceans, quest polar animals, and more. The varied galleries include River Scout with regional habitats, Georgia Explorer for children, Cold Water Quest with polar animals, Dolphin Tales, Ocean Voyager with the majority of the fish, and Tropical Diver.

Aquanaut Adventure

Aquanaut adventure is a unique discovery zone that educates people about aquatic life, one of the most extreme environments on our planet and how they survive and thrive in the most arduous atmosphere. If you are up for knowing about marine and freshwater creatures then attend the program called, “Aquanauts in training.

Cold Water Quest

Cold water quest houses animals from the world's coldest oceans like Sea Dragons, Japanese Spider Crabs, Sea Otters, Penguins, etc. It has a deck to watch the trainers' and animal's activities through a 'sneak peek' window and come face-to-face with your favourite creatures via acrylic tunnels and pop-up windows.

Dolphin Coast

Dolphin Coast is the most popular and visited gallery of Georgia Aquariums that mainly features common bottlenose dolphins in the aquarium’s pod. Visitors can glance at the Dolphin coast lobby as well as the Dolphin theatre here. Moreover, one can enjoy the Dolphin presentation full of fun and excitement after getting a general admission ticket.

Ocean Voyager Built by The Home Depot

Ocean voyager presents amazing tunnels for visitors to look at aquatic animals from all sides as well as a wide view window to watch the vastness of oceans. Built by home depot, this exhibit is home to manta rays, whale sharks, and thousands of other fishes.

SHARKS! Predators of the Deep

Considered home to apex predators in the ocean, this gallery offers visitors an opportunity to come face to face with the most misunderstood creatures in the sea. Here, people get to turn their fear of sharks into fascination through North America's most dynamic and extensive Shark exhibits, known as SHARKS!

Southern Company River Scout

Inside this environment-themed captivating gallery, you will be able to explore the waterfalls, meanders and other biodiversity of Africa, South America, and Asia. With the minimum spending of available Georgia Aquarium ticket prices, visitors can see various aquatic creatures such as Archerfish, Alligator Snapping Turtles, Small-Clawed Otters, etc.,

Things to Do in Georgia Aquarium

Animal Encounters

Georgia Aquarium offers various multisensory experiences that help to engage, educate and commemorate some connection between the animals and people. Touch, feed, play, and feel the animals such as Dolphins, Penguins, and Sharks live and make the most enduring memories with these cute creatures.

Swim & Dive

Swim and dive is another adventure included in the general Georgia Aquarium ticket prices that allows you to pass by some gentle species like Giants, Sharks, manta rays, and more under expert supervision. This wonderful opportunity will be guaranteed to become one of the most remarkable memories of the trip.

Behind the Seas Tour

One of the world's largest scientific institutions, Georgia Aquarium, allows people to experience what happens behind the scenes inside the aquarium within 45 minutes. It introduces you to some of the most kept secrets and exciting facts of the oceans, marine animals and their life.

Shows & Presentations

Grab a seat and enjoy Georgia Aquarium the specially made shows and presentations and learn how these exotic creatures live and spend their time in deep waters. Extravagant shows like 4D theatres, VR simulators, and unique presentations of Dolphins and Sea lions will leave you in awe.


Visit and spend an unforgettable night and the next complete day with these exciting creatures once you book a sleepover. This facility is also included in the Georgia Aquarium general ticket price and gives the memorable remembrance of living with aquatic animals. It also includes presentations, a bedtime snack, a complimentary breakfast, guided tours, and different activities.

FAQ's of Georgia Aquarium Tickets

What is the cost of Georgia aquarium tickets?

The general Georgia Aquarium ticket prices are around $ 39.99, however the entrance for children under the age of 2 is free. It includes access to all the aquarium galleries, Dolphin presentations, and theatre shows. People can also take the membership by paying for Georgia Aquarium tickets price at $85 and avail themselves of various events and expeditions.

Where can I buy Georgia Aquarium tickets?

You can buy the Georgia Aquarium tickets online with us in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle and enjoy services like great customer support as well as seamless booking process. Booking online also allows you to have Georgia Aquarium tickets discount making your trip affordable.

How long does it take to walk through the Georgia Aquarium?

The average time required to glance at the complete Aquarium is around 4 hours.

Should I buy Georgia Aquarium tickets in advance?

It is always recommended to buy Georgia Aquarium tickets online in advance without any from the comfort of your home. It often happens that because of the popularity of the place, the ticket gets sold out; with online booking with us you don't have to go through any last time disappointments. Not only will you save a lot of time, but will also enjoy great customer support in addition to Georgia Aquarium discount tickets.

Which is the best encounter to do in the Georgia aquarium?

The best part of Georgia Aquarium is the animal encounter which allows you to watch these marine animals up and close swimming and diving in the water through long tunnel viewing windows.

What is the best time to visit the Georgia aquarium?

The best time to visit the Georgia Aquarium in the early morning, between 8 a.m. to 11 a.m when it is less crowded. Also try and plan your trip on the weekdays, rather than the weekends for the same reason stated.


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